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My family and I have been residents of Precinct 11 since 2018. We can often be seen with our 4-year-old at the Rocks, the Pond or the Fox.


I am a first-generation immigrant. I have been an attorney for almost 15 years. As part of my volunteer work, I have advocated on such issues as housing, discrimination, and individual rights.


We love Arlington and the many benefits our community has to offer. I’m motivated to serve on town meeting to advocate for policies that make Arlington a safer, greener, and even more welcoming and inclusive place to inhabit, work in and visit. 

I am committed to working on three main goals as a town meeting member:


1) Improving the local infrastructure of the town to make it safer, more accessible and greener; 


2) Advocating for town-wide policies and initiatives to increase the inclusiveness and diversity of our community; and 


3) Pursuing policies to protect and expand affordable ownership and housing for current and future residents and rents for local businesses


In addition, as a town meeting member, I will hold precinct meetings throughout the year to hear about concerns, issues and ideas faced by our precinct residents. In particular, I will continue to address with local and state elected officials the ongoing gas leak issues that many in our precinct dealt with most of this past winter.


Meet me at an upcoming virtual event on Thursday, March 25, 2021 or Thursday April 8th, 2021 at 7:30PM at tinyurl.com/AFRelections

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